Supply and support partner for microturbine projects

Bituga – Original Equipment Manufacturer and service level support partner for international MicroTurbine combined heat and power plants.

Bituga Ltd. based in Möriken, Switzerland, is an engineering design and manufacturing company specializing in the control and optimization of co-generation plants operating on a variety of combustion gasses. With many years of experience, the proven technology developed by Bituga will purify a biogas supply from agricultural or municipal waste water system, landfill or other sources to appropriate gas humidities, purities and pressures required for the generation of on-site heat and power.

Each system is unique and supplied with a preprogramed PLC for the control of any plant Time of Generation requirements as well as optimizing the integration of any balance of plant equipment such as heat exchangers, absorption chillers or waste heat steam generation units. Bituga’s specific design is engineered to fulfil each customer’s individual application as a long-term partner both to compress and treat a wide range of gasses. Online support and plant optimization in real-time allows a swift response to any requirements that the operational plant may develop. This commitment to service excellence has resulted in a growing international customer base of operational power plants.

Bituga gas treatment plants are suited to operate in the most challenging of environments. The Bituga treatment plants are manufactured to conform with the according European directives. With Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects been commissioned since 2001, Bituga has earned a trusted name in the development and ongoing support of biogas installations worldwide.


  • 2015 – 2022
    Gas treatment plants for microturbines on comunal and agricultural waste water treatment plants (WWTP) and on landfills and retrofit projects in Europe, Asia and Africa, worldwide consulting and engineering activities
  • 2018
    Launch of the distribution of Ener Twin microturbines
  • 2015
    Founding of Bituga GmbH
  • 2001 – 2015
    Microturbine projects with Verdesis Suisse SA and Acrona Systems Ltd